Kennia Iradukunda, Data Management Assistant Intern

Kennia Iradukunda is a Data Management Assistant at Carey Institute for Global Good, Center for Learning in Practice. She worked as a volunteer in her community, where she was a Data Manager in a drug abuse community project. In this volunteer position, she was able to know how to use Mailchimp and survey monkeys. Also, Kennia worked as a Teaching Assistant at Kepler. She managed to help students in Professional Competency courses as well as advising students in one-on-one check-in. With her hard work, all students were able to move from phase one to phase two. Kennia is skilled in Excel, Mailchimp, survey monkey, and she is very interested in helping someone who is struggling in the same skills. Kennia is inspired by successful women who managed to work hard and never give up. With a positive attitude, Kennia likes to encourage other people in her community about hard work and different tips on how they can become successful. She enjoys watching English movies as well as listening to different speeches from successful people.