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Sustainable Learning Framework

The Sustainable Learning Framework is grounded in established learning and change models, drawing on elements which have been empirically proven to improve outcomes. Thus, its elements are not new. What is new is the weaving and integration of these proven strategies into a new fabric, one that might be reliably used to accomplish critical objectives at scale.

Principles of the Sustainable Learning Framework

  • Sustainability and Scale are two sides of the same coin
  • Practice Mastery matters most
  • Deep Learning – Reflection on Practice and on Actionable Data – is essential to informed action


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Features of the Sustainable Learning Framework

Processes: Sustainable Learning Loops drive activities that serve to keep the learning environment viable and adaptive. They are the feedback system of Sustainable Learning and involve the distinct stages of a feedback loop.

Building Blocks: are the Design Elements necessary to create productive learning spaces. 

Discovery: is the application of new algorithms that enhance the speed, scale, depth, distance, and complexity of work. Discovery leverages Digital Affordances, opportunities created by working online that amplify and enhance all aspects of the Sustainable Learning Framework.

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