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Refugee Educator Academy

The Refugee Educator Academy, flagship program of the Center for Learning in Practice, is an online learning network and Community of Practice designed to support educators and to offer sustainable, holistic learning opportunities for teachers working in refugee displacement, migration, and resettlement contexts.

Effectively teaching refugees and providing education in emergency, displacement, and migration contexts calls for specific, comprehensive, and sustained professional learning opportunities. The REA(Refugee Educator Academy) is designed with these specific needs in mind. The REA offers an integrated system of learning opportunities and professional support that includes online, hybrid, and offline courses, webinars, workshops, toolkits, micro-credentials, and communities of practice marked by excellent facilitation, evidence-based methodologies and resources, and strong relationships among participants.


From the UCTV Education Channel

Watch on the UCTV Education Channel
7/24/2021 – 85 minutes
Hear advice from a panel of educators on how teachers can get to know refugee students and their families

Academy Updates

REA Impact to date

The Refugee Educator Academy strives to increase the number and accelerate the preparation of qualified educators and service providers in refugee displacement, migration, and resettlement contexts around the world. Over the past 3 years, the REA has served educators in more than 50 countries and 4 continents, directly impacting more than 500 educators, who collectively reach about 50,000 learners.

“[As a result of my participation in the REA], I am altering things that I felt very strongly about because I am realizing that many of those practices before were encouraging conformity rather than embracing differences and being culturally responsive.”

Participant in the U.S.

“I appreciate this initiative of empowering us as refugee educators. For me it has been a gift from heaven, because I am no longer the same as I was before joining this course, and I will not be the way I am now at the end of this course.”

Participant in Kenya

“[The Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice Course from the REA] has helped me feel less isolated in my role. It’s also made me realize the breadth of resources available to us and sparked my excitement for sharing these resources with my colleagues!”

Participant in the U.S.